Friday, March 30, 2007


RAHUL DRAVID (BEFORE WC) "We are here to win!"
RAHUL DRAVID (AFTER WC) "We didn't deserve to win!"
How can the same person make such contradictory statements in such a short span of time ? And that too both were bold and bold statements. The former being the more. But the ignonimity of defeats, expectations of billion odd fans coupled with (unsung) personal ambitions and the hype created before the departure of the team has at last indeed cost the team the World Cup. Exactly within 9 days it was game over for Team India. Couldn't even score a double digit in days. Nine was not fine.
And our cricket-crazy nation was looking for a miracle to happen, expecting a thing or two to happen from someone rated as "minnows" at least on paper (otherwise in the real sense who can be termed as a minnow ?) - Bermuda beating Bangladesh. But that wasn't to be. Dave What more do you want ? One bicycle collapsed the rest showed what the Domino Effect is. Now its time to cool their heels.
But really, is it correct just to critizise someone or some unit so severely ? Because we are expecting that the laws of the Nature and the games should change for us ? We are expecting that each of the players on the field is a super-human who would hit every ball out of the ground [(like Gibbs - but he too didn't do it always)] and take wickets every ball [(like Malinga - but he too didn't do it always)] and that these super-humans would never make any mistake of any kind. But mind you even Micheal Schumachare was once made to look human like our very own SACHIN TENDULKAR.

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ChilledBeer said...

dont blame the cricketers. Fans like you are stupid enough to think india is the best team.
They were never the best cos they were carrying a liability in their bag- a motherfucker called sachin tendulkar. the day he dies will be the best day for indian cricket.