Saturday, April 21, 2007


Is Aish the second wife of Abhi ? Who is the low-profile actress called Janhavi Kapoor ? When will Abhishek get a filmfare award ? Did Abhishek really marry even before the first rays of 2007 had fallen ?
All these questions come not in the mind of any seasoned jornalist but a common man like you and me. In the wee hours this selfproclaimed Mrs. Small B arrived in front of "Pratiksha" and created a real drama. Anyways, Mumbai is known for dramas - be it real life or reel life. This lady claimed to have got married to AB in December last. But how ? In court ? No. In a temple ? No. No one knows how they got married but THEY GOT MARRIED. Wow great isn't it ? And all this had to surface right in the hot period of the "hot" marriage of the "hot" jodi. Known as the most-beautiful couple that ever lived on the planet called Earth.

Janhavi got numerous offers of films after Dus. But the love for Abhishek was soooooooooo strong that she "rejected" the offers that she got. Now this Janhavi Kapoor claims that Abhi had a love affair with her and had even promised to marry her; which is why she declined the film offers that she had got; once he gets a Filefare Award ? (One wonders for what ? But we will suppose he will get one soon.)

Another thing that Janhavi is doing that she wants to put an end to her life. She tried to commit suicide just in front the house of AB.

But one dosn't know the timing of Janhavi Kapoor! She says he had married him in December last. But then why on earth did she keep quiet till the date of their marriage. She wants to meet him and settle all the things once and for all. Couldn't she then do it right then? What's the point in waiting for 4 more months. Not only that she also dragged the SP leader Mr. Amar Singh into all this matter, claiming that she is being threated for life by the leader. One can't say right now how the proceding will go on. But put your fingers crossed. There's more coming.

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