Sunday, April 22, 2007


For the first time in 17 years that the stars of the selectors of the Indian Cricket have turned on its head. How ? Simple! They have dropped the best player that ever lived on the planet Earth. And Saurav Ganguly to boot. What else will you call it ? And one more thing; who are the selectors to decide if a player who is performing should cool his heels ? Why don't the selectors adopt the same thing for themselves ? ONE MAN PER POST ! No they can't do it. Can they ? How can they ? Don't they want to continue occupying the chairs ? The Rotation System is only for the players; and not for them who are post holders.
And the other thing: If a individual is earning and Lacs and Crores there will be a big problem in the already dusty heads of these board members. Well if any one is earning by their hard work, you have no right to deny them their income. That's totally undemocratic. And all know that India the largest Democracy in the world. Probably all have forgotten this grass root common philosophy about Democracy. Is India declining in her Democracy values ? If no then I may better say that all the players should take the help of PIL and sue the BCCI for their unlawful and dictator type commands that the poor players have to face in spite of performing on the field.
A lot has been said about their non-performance. But who thinks and these cricketers are never compared with the Bollywood stars. Even the star of the Millennium has given innumerable flops even after being given the status of the "Star of the Millennium". Why has no one wondered, why has no one staged protests against the Big B about the flop films. Leave alone the protests, on the contrary he is the only Bollywood star who has a temple to his credit. IS HE A GOD ? (He can never be.) But he is earning in Crores. Who has asked him till date that you should not feature in more than say 3 or 4 ads. Even though considering our dismal performance over the years the BCCI remains the richest Cricket Board in the World. Had the President even made a oral statement that all the players should "donate"their 10% or 15% to the Board all would have done that gladly. Even the players would have earned and so the Board. And there would have been no need of any written order for this. (But should be done to curb corruption.) But it is not even for a legend like Sachin; who now seem to be just a toy in the hands of the selectors in spite of his Demigod like status. IS IT THE END OF THE LEGEND ? LETS SAY IT IS NOT. Because it is also in the hands of fans like us to support our dear ones.

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